HORN is a boutique firm that specializes in elevating the performance of organizations, salespeople and leaders. We better customize solutions to your needs and context to shift the way your people think and work, and transform your organization and business results.

We're proud to be recognized as one of Selling Power's Top Sales Training Companies, and as one of Training Industry Inc.'s Watch List companies for Leadership Development and Sales Training and Enablement.

HORN delivers unforgettable personal learning and transformative organizational change.

  • Better analysis

    We efficiently invest more time upfront, across all levels, to understand your reality.

  • Better customized solutions

    Informed by better analysis, our solutions precisely fit your needs and your team, organization and business context.

  • Better partnerships

    Our best-in-industry consultants and facilitators create an exceptional end-to-end experience that delivers proven results and long-standing clients.

Looking for learning that makes a difference? Changes behaviour? Leaves a permanent impact?

For 40+ years, we’ve been helping salespeople sell better, sales managers manage better, and leaders lead better.
Across 6 continents, 48 countries, and from every major industry.

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First-Class Facilitators

We are proud of our best-in-class facilitators. Close to weekly, never less than monthly, we hear this kind of feedback: “It was the best training our company has ever experienced.”

Our trainers:

Are highly dynamic, personable, and memorable

Create lively, engaging and interactive learning experiences

Provide learning grounded in the real world, where it matters

Are consistently referenced by clients as “the best trainers ever”


Sean Verhoeven

Senior Vice President, Facilitation

"Thank God for transformative moments such as the past three days made possible by people like you! I have rarely seen professionals putting 150% of themselves in their job … and you rock at it!"

- Jana Mihaylova, General Manager, Abbott Nutrition, Philippines


Graham Kaufmann

Senior Vice President, Coaching & Facilitation

"Graham is an excellent leader with unprecedented knowledge of his crowd (client), their industry, and the relevance of the material to their career. I doubt anyone in the room leaves without learning something and applying it to advancing their business and ultimately their own career."

- Key Account Manager, Lassonde


Andrea Jacks

Facilitator and Performance Coach

“Andrea’s ability to simplify and help solve complex challenges is remarkable; she makes me a stronger leader and I am very fortunate to have her as a coach.”

- Kyle Gross, Director, Commercial Operations – Canada, Bayer CropScience

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Unleash the full potential of your organization

Our consulting solutions:
  • Solve the biggest challenges of today and tomorrow
  • Are customized to your unique business reality
  • Identify where your organization is, where it needs to go, and what it will take to get there
  • Turn insights into action that achieve measurable results

Our clients. Global brands. Niche innovators. Industry associations. Consumer goods. Healthcare. Financial services. And more.

HORN was instrumental in making our vision a reality. From day one, HORN consultants skillfully gleaned insight from our Sales Representatives and our customers, then masterminded the creation of an innovative Physician Interaction Model that radically shifts our interactions from traditional, one-way detailing to a meaningful, two-way conversation that results in beneficial outcomes for the physician, his/her patients, and Sanofi.
We partnered with HORN to prepare for the annual Loblaw ask. HORN challenged our thinking and caused us to plan and strategize more fully. Our negotiated outcomes were better, as a result. Based on their success, we partnered with HORN to prepare for our Sobeys negotiation with similar success.
This is, by far, the most impactful leadership training series I have experienced. In fact, I’ve had the opportunity, both professionally and privately, to use many of the techniques and processes you taught us with great success. My most difficult conversation with an under-performing direct report, executed with the right heart and the right tools, ended up nicely! Her productivity has since sky-rocketed. Fun to see someone turn things around for themselves.
We really value our long-time relationship with HORN. Their experienced team has worked diligently to clearly understand our development opportunities and address our specific needs. Their strategic approach to learning, combined with their proactive support to sustain the learning back on the job has played a significant role in raising customer perceptions that our Key Account Managers are best-in-category!
Thank God for transformative moments such as the past three days made possible by people like you (Sean)! I have rarely seen professionals putting 150% of themselves in their job ... and you rock at it! How you were able to command the room, motivate people to listen to you, and instruct and coach us all on how to change our sales approach to make it both real and authentic as well as effective is truly admirable.
HORN has been an invaluable partner in building the selling and key account management capability of our salesforce. They bring to bear a wealth of subject matter expertise to enhance our global programs and first-rate facilitators who quickly build trust and credibility, even with our most skeptical salespeople. The result is a highly dynamic learning experience where every individual in the room is motivated to learn and challenged to try a different approach for even better sales results.
Thank you to the skilled account executive, project managers, and facilitators at HORN! You designed a stellar program that was highly customized to our business, delivered it with first-class facilitators who understood our industry, and offered every learner specific, personal feedback to help them grow. Thanks to you, we achieved a Net Promoter Score of 98%, direct positive feedback sent to our learning organization, lots of hype and buzz around the sales team, and a desire by our global affiliates to roll out the program!
Great job, Calvin! And, thanks to the broader HORN team for all your hard work. I’ve stopped counting the number of employees that have either emailed me or stopped me in the halls to say thank you for a great presentation. We can already see that the energy /vibe has changed, for the better. I’m hopeful that this will be a great stepping stone in the right direction, and truly appreciate your fun and entertaining way to make the topic of change seem so easy.
Amazing! I have been to many training seminars and this was, by far, the best!
Best workshop in my 30 years, hands down!
As a partner, HORN brings significant CPG experience. They understand the industry truly and deeply … They also understand our business … Their quality of work is excellent. Their facilitators are best-in-class — our people love Sean and Graham! … For me, HORN is more than a supplier, more than a vendor. They truly are a partner and an extension of Nestlé Canada!
The HORN team has done a masterful job of partnering with us to enable and develop our culture of accountability. Through our work with HORN, our organization has made tremendous progress in valuing and acting upon commitments, being goal-oriented, and focusing on measurable results that are managed through effective and frequent ‘coachable moments'.

Here are some of our recent clients in our key industries:

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
Consumer Packaged Goods
Financial Services


With more than 30 years’ experience, HORN provides a level of expertise that produces lasting results.

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