HORN is an award-winning learning and performance company dedicated to learning that cannot be unlearned. We go deeper. To generate lasting changes in behaviour, performance, and business results.

We're proud to be recognized as one of Selling Power's Top Sales Training Companies, and as one of Training Industry Inc.'s Watch List companies for Leadership Development and Sales Training and Enablement.

HORN brings uncommon depth to deliver unforgettable learning.

  • Depth of Customization

    We deeply understand your business. We dig down to the roots of your performance gaps. Then we craft customized solutions that precisely reflect your reality and deliver lasting improvements.

  • Depth of Capability

    Our consultants and facilitators are best-in-class, delivering highly engaging learning that sparks new behaviours and significant impact.

  • Depth of Learning

    We tackle the underlying mindset, shining a light on the attitudes that protect old behaviours. This allows new practices to be embraced authentically, new behaviours to be embedded, and performance improvement to be accelerated.

Looking for learning that makes a difference? Changes behaviour? Leaves a permanent impact?

For 30+ years, we’ve been helping salespeople sell better, sales managers manage better, and leaders lead better.
Across 6 continents, 48 countries, and from every major industry.

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Meet our founder

Art Horn is an executive coach; consultant; educator; author; early visionary of empathetic leadership

Art started HORN in 1984 because he had seen so often what leadership could achieve – how salespeople and sales teams could succeed – but didn’t.

Art’s focus is deeply personal. Through applications of the principles of self-management, he has helped countless people and organizations to be influential, manage change, lead teams, and reach objectives.

Art believes that maximizing potential starts by unraveling and assessing personal beliefs. Because people can and do transform their lives by transforming the way they think.

HORN, now global in scope and focused on sales and leadership teams, still succeeds by applying this same premise.

First-Class Facilitators

We are proud of our best-in-class facilitators. Close to weekly, never less than monthly, we hear this kind of feedback: “It was the best training our company has ever experienced.”

Our trainers:

Are highly dynamic, personable, and memorable

Create lively, engaging and interactive learning experiences

Provide learning grounded in the real world, where it matters

Are consistently referenced by clients as “the best trainers ever”


Sean Verhoeven

Senior Vice President, Facilitation

Thank God for transformative moments such as the past three days made possible by people like you! I have rarely seen professionals putting 150% of themselves in their job … and you rock at it!
- Jana Mihaylova, General Manager, Abbott Nutrition, Philippines


Graham Kaufmann

Senior Vice President, Coaching & Facilitation

"Graham is an excellent leader with unprecedented knowledge of his crowd (client), their industry, and the relevance of the material to their career. I doubt anyone in the room leaves without learning something and applying it to advancing their business and ultimately their own career."
- Key Account Manager, Lassonde


Calvin Strachan

Senior Facilitator, Consultant and Coach

"Calvin’s facilitation was excellent. I really appreciated his style and the feedback and examples provided throughout the session. Calvin’s experience with (medical) equipment really helped him explain the concepts in our environment."
- Specialty Sales Representative, Sanofi

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Unleash the full potential of your organization

Our consulting solutions:
  • Solve the biggest challenges of today and tomorrow
  • Are customized to your unique business reality
  • Identify where your organization is, where it needs to go, and what it will take to get there
  • Turn insights into action that achieve measurable results

Our clients. Global brands. Niche innovators. Industry associations. Consumer goods. Healthcare. Financial services. And more.

Here are some of our recent clients in our key industries:

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
Consumer Packaged Goods
Financial Services


With more than 30 years’ experience, HORN provides a level of expertise that produces lasting results.

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