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Leadership Development

HORN takes a unique approach to create the conditions for leaders to develop. HORN believes:

  • Leadership skills are learned, not taught.
  • Good leadership looks different across organizations based on strategic and cultural contexts.
  • Effective leadership development strategies align with organizational culture.
  • Heightened self-awareness of the opportunity for personal development is a necessary condition for leadership development.
  • Influential leadership starts within.

HORN Practice Areas that Make a Difference

Blended Learning Solutions

Designing and delivering customized, instructor-led and virtual training programs.

performance consulting
Performance Consulting

Eliminating barriers and developing mechanisms to support learning and performance.

HORN Centre of Applied Measurement

Designing and executing customized, actionable assessment and measurement strategies and tools.

Executive Coaching

Optimizing the personal leadership performance of key leaders.

HORN Solutions

HORN develops a deep understanding of each client organization. We identify the current and desired organizational culture, assess the attitudes and skills of the leaders who are targeted for development, and sculpt and execute a unique solution.

Client Impact

Proven improvements in engagement scores, retention rates, internal promotion rates and overall team performance are all measurable outcomes of HORN’s approach to leadership development.

Leaders Learn…

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Energize & Enable

Leaders of high-performance teams are responsible for keeping team members energized and motivated. This is accomplished through influential communication, facilitating effective meetings, managing and coaching for high-performance, confronting conflict, and managing diversity.

Programs solutions employed:
Influential Communication Facilitating Effective Meetings Managing for High Performance Coaching for High Performance Confronting Conflict Managing Diversity

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Personal Character

A great leader is someone whose character others try to emulate. HORN contributes to character development by helping leaders to manage personal mindset, be authentic, be accountable, locate courage and grit, and embody ethics and integrity.

Programs solutions employed:
Managing your Mindset Authentic Leadership Leading with Personal Accountability Creating a Culture of Accountability Managerial Courage / Grit Ethics & Integrity

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Driving Results

Team members get results, leaders enable them to do it. HORN works with leaders to develop management rhythms, adopt and utilize principle-based decision-making, build compelling business cases, navigate complexity and ambiguity, overcome adversity, and collaborate effectively.

Programs solutions employed:
Management Rhythms Principle-Based Decision-Making Building a Compelling Business Case Navigating Complexity and Ambiguity Leading High-Performance Teams

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Forward Thinking

Successful leaders rise above the day-to-day to look to the future and see a broader landscape. They create strategic change, formulate and express a vision, produce insightful business plans, create stakeholder value, innovate for success, and take smart risks.

Programs solutions employed:
Leading Strategic Change Defining Vision for Change Strategic Business Planning Creating Shareholder Value Innovating for Success Smart Risk-Taking

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Results After One Year of HORN Training

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Achieved 88% engagement across all levels of leadership behind a significant change initiative


of employees indicated they had very good to excellent understanding of their company’s strategic direction

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Employee perceptions that senior leadership’s actions are consistent with their words increased from 59% to 71%


of front-line team members perceived new management practices were building a positive culture

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75% of employees felt empowered to make decisions, up from 68%

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