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Develop human-centric leaders for the digital age

Leadership has never been more important. At HORN, we provide development solutions for leaders at all levels to unleash their potential, and the potential of your organization and business.

HORN Practice Areas that Make a Difference

Virtual and classroom learning solutions

Transform your team’s performance through award-winning,  customized, behaviour-changing learning.

Digital learning

Revolutionize performance through highly engaging and effective e-learning or microlearning.


Accelerate individual or team performance through one-on-one or group coaching delivered by our experienced and certified coaches.

Consulting solutions

Solve the underlying organizational challenges that may be limiting your leaders’ ability to perform.

Client Impact After 1 Year

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Achieved 88% engagement across all levels of leadership behind a significant change initiative


of employees indicated they had very good to excellent understanding of their company’s strategic direction

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Employee perceptions that senior leadership’s actions are consistent with their words increased from 59% to 71%


of front-line team members perceived new management practices were building a positive culture

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75% of employees felt empowered to make decisions, up from 68%

HORN Solutions

HORN develops a deep understanding of each client organization. We identify the current and desired organizational culture, assess the attitudes and skills of the leaders who are targeted for development, and sculpt and execute a unique solution.

Client Impact

Proven improvements in engagement scores, retention rates, internal promotion rates and overall team performance are all measurable outcomes of HORN’s approach to leadership development.

Leaders Learn…

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Leadership fundamentals

Hybrid work models are exposing the gaps in foundational leadership skills.

Programs solutions employed:
Influential communication Maximizing individual performance Coaching for high performance Leading high performing teams Maximizing diversity Creating a culture of accountability Managing conflict

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Leading in a hybrid world

Leading in a hybrid work environment requires new mindsets and skillsets.

Programs solutions employed:
Leading in a hybrid world Leveraging technology to communicate and collaborate Leading hybrid meetings

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Human-centric leadership

Technology is pervasive and critical to success. But it’s still people who make the difference. Leaders who learn to lead in a human-centric way have more engaged, productive teams. 

Programs solutions employed:
Maximizing emotional intelligence (EI) Creating psychological safety Ensuring an inclusive and equitable culture  Building resilience Maximizing well-being 

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Accelerating Transformation

To remain competitive, continuous improvement and incremental change are no longer enough. Organizations need to continually transform to remain relevant and ensure business viability.

Programs solutions employed:
Strategic Business Planning Leading continuous change Accelerating transformation Being agile Making better data-driven business decisions

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