For more than 30 years, HORN has been helping organizations improve their capability and performance by delivering customized learning solutions. We've helped thousands of sales and leadership teams across every major industry and around the world make lasting improvements.

Our mission is to create unforgettable learning that elevates performance and advances business results.

HORN creates unforgettable learning through:

Blended Learning Solutions

Designing and delivering customized, instructor-led, and virtual training programs.

performance consulting

Performance Consulting

Eliminating barriers and developing mechanisms to support learning and performance.


HORN Centre of Applied Measurement (HCAM)

Designing and executing customized, actionable assessment and measurement strategies and tools.

Executive Coaching

Optimizing the personal leadership performance of key leaders.

HORN brings uncommon depth to deliver unforgettable learning.

  • Depth of Customization

    Your organization is unique and requires a customized approach to learning and development. Our process develops a deep understanding of your business reality. We discover your opportunities for improvement and the causes of your performance gaps. We provide customized solutions that precisely address your needs.

  • Depth of Capability

    HORN has developed a comprehensive suite of tools and techniques to create optimal learning solutions. Our designers and facilitators are "best-in-class", delivering the most impactful learning experiences and results.

  • Depth of Learning

    We tackle the underlying mindset and attitudes that protect old behaviours so new practices can be embraced authentically and effectively. We draw on the experience of learners while broadening their perspective and moving them toward achieving their goals.

What Guides HORN Sales & Leadership Learning?

Leadership & Selling Beliefs

  1. The best leaders and salespeople influence with high levels of empathy, goal-orientation, personal accountability, and authenticity.

  2. When we anticipate and address the thoughts of others, those people are more likely to listen to what we're saying.

  3. We are more influential when we genuinely focus on the mutual benefit of others and ourselves.

  4. The belief that there is room to grow is the starting point for healthy personal change.

  5. Great leadership and influence start with self-management.

Sustained Learning Philosophy

  1. Learning programs must cause permanent and lasting behaviours to be successful.

  2. The best learning programs are reverse-engineered; defining the desired outcome, then designing lessons that cause it.

  3. Attitude drives behaviour. The key to training is NOT to simply practice behaviour, but to change underlying thinking patterns and uncover personal obstacles to learning.

  4. Sustainment of learning occurs throughout a training experience - not just after it.

  5. Learning solutions require: aligned internal systems, the integration of learning into business processes and communication vehicles, real-life training experiences, multiple touchpoints, on-the-job application tools, and the measurement of behaviour shifts.

Sales Force Training

HORN-trained salespeople close more business.

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Leadership Development

HORN-trained leaders get better results.

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Client Partnership Team

Lynne Gallacher

Senior Vice President, Client Partnerships

Lynne leads HORN’s sales, marketing and client partnership team. Lynne is passionate about delivering highly relevant, insightful and practical training and consulting solutions that improve our clients’ performance and business results.

During her tenure at HORN, Lynne has led both the Blended Learning Solutions and Organizational Excellence Solutions teams. Lynne leverages more than 15 years of high-level management experience in the consumer packaged goods industry at Kraft Foods and Kimberly-Clark. She has hands-on operational experience in sales, customer marketing, brand management, and corporate strategy and development.

She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, and a certificate in Mergers and Acquisitions from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Tim Dougan

Director, Client Partnerships

Tim passionately leads the relationships with HORN’s Financial Services clients. Tim is a deeply experienced learning professional, equipped with many years of business experience with a wide range of companies. He understands business direction and how to improve performance of teams and individuals. He genuinely enjoys helping clients determine areas of performance improvement and is creative in identifying learning solutions that drive lasting behaviour change and achievement of business goals.

Tim’s learning and development expertise is informed by over 20 years of direct experience in the learning field. Prior to HORN, he held several leadership roles at CIBC, consulting positions with IBM serving the Financial Services Sector, as well as facilitation, design, consulting, and front-line roles with TD Canada Trust.

Janine Kavander

Director, Client Partnerships

Janine leads the relationships with HORN’s clients who are primarily in the Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Telecommunications and Manufacturing sectors.

Bilingual, innovative and a strategic thinker, Janine brings her extensive adult learning experience in the public and private sector, a wide learning and development network and an urgent focus on results to organizations looking to enhance their learning and development approach.

In addition to her extensive experience in learning consulting, instructional design, facilitation and learning management technology, Janine has held director-level learning leadership roles in large and small organizations in both the public and private sector, working as the National Director of Learning and Development for CBC/Radio-Canada and the National Director of Operations for Berlitz Canada Inc.

Janine holds an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in English from Queen’s University and a Master’s Degree in English from the University of Ottawa. In addition, she has completed certifications in Curriculum Development and Instructional Design from Mount Royal University and extensive training in numerous e-Learning platforms and Learning Management Systems.

Deena Kruzic

Manager, Sales and Marketing Execution

Deena joined HORN’s team as Client Relations Coordinator in 2005. A member of the Sales and Marketing team, Deena manages and supports the execution of HORN’s Sales and Marketing plan, rekindles client relationships, coordinates all Client Partnership team activities, and oversees critical team processes and systems.

Deena brings with her nearly 20 years of senior administrative expertise within the business services and financial industries.


Facilitation Team

Sean Verhoeven

Senior Vice President, Facilitation


Sean has over 25 years experience as a corporate facilitator and public speaker. He leads HORN’s facilitation team and ensures that all of HORN’s facilitators hold themselves and their learners accountable in the learning environment. Sean is well known as an energized, dynamic public speaker who infuses passion, authenticity, knowledge, and his own professional and personal experience into every delivery. 

Sean leverages his prior real world experience in Marketing, Sales and Sales Management with well known brands such as Carling-O’Keefe Breweries, Molson Breweries, and Warner Lambert. He has extensive experience in every major industry vertical and has trained sales and leadership teams across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Graham Kaufmann

Senior Vice President, Coaching & Facilitation


Graham is a sought-after facilitator and executive coach and has been with HORN since 2006. Graham is a charismatic and compelling public speaker who inspires audiences through passion, knowledge, and personal experience. He brings to the learning environment a successful track record in senior leadership, particularly in Marketing, Sales and Strategy.

Prior to joining the firm, he accumulated over fifteen years’ experience working with companies in Canada and globally, including Labatt Breweries, Pfizer, Adams Brands and Cadbury Schweppes.

Graham is also a seasoned executive coach. Graham has helped senior executives identify what holds them back in order to build a specific path toward achieving their personal and professional potential.  He also coaches athletes in pursuit of achieving their potential.

Calvin Strachan

Senior Facilitator, Consultant and Coach


Calvin Strachan is a sought-after speaker, facilitator and professional coach. He brings a proven track record for helping clients sell and communicate in an influential way, close deals, solve problems, pinpoint solutions, boost their personal brand, and establish powerful identities that catapult success.

Grounded with real-world business experience, Calvin held numerous sales and managerial roles including positions at Johnson and Johnson, Toronto Power Group, Novo Nordisk, and Robbins Research International. In these roles, he refined his sales expertise and his ability to engage and inspire audiences of all backgrounds – from orthopedic surgeons through corporate directors and sales professionals.

In front of crowds or working one-on-one as a Certified Professional Coach, Calvin leads individuals, leaders and teams down the path to achieving success.

Joel Silverstone

Senior Consultant and Facilitator


Joel brings to his clients over 15 years of experience as a Facilitator, Executive Coach, and Speaker. The underlying focus of Joel’s work is to help participants use training sessions as the opportunity to go deeper, unlock the behavior or skill that leads to more success, and ultimately make the change stick.

Joel has helped clients improve their sales technique and presentation skills, as well as navigate through critical conversations and negotiations with confidence. Joel has worked with a multitude of global clients across numerous industries including: Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Hotels, and Professional Services.


Frédéric Voyer

Senior Consultant and Facilitator


Frédéric brings an impressive history of experience to the learning and development industry through his enthusiastic, dynamic, and energetic classroom sessions. In addition to his 20 years in facilitation, training, and business consulting, Frédéric accumulated 15 years of experience in management, marketing, and sales in the international consumer packaged goods industry – backed by a Bachelor in Business Administration from the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Frédéric’s bright, adaptable personality is well-received by his audiences. He creates learning environments motivated by creativity and learner engagement, strengthened by his acute sense of observation and a strong aptitude to listen. Frédéric specializes in the following workplace competencies: corporate culture and values, leadership, change management, communication and team dynamics, the customer relationship, and sales and business development.

In addition to his commitment to the learning and development industry, Frédéric is often engaged in speaking at universities in France and Canada. Frédéric is fluent in both French and English.


Benoît Duchesne

Senior Consultant and Facilitator


Benoît acquired his significant experience in learning and development over the course of his twenty-three year career. Bilingual in French and English, he is passionate about motivating leaders and sales teams to challenge their paradigms in an engaging and memorable way.

Benoît has designed and facilitated training programs on topics such as time management, team building, communication, sales, and customer service. Fluent in the needs particular to a variety of sectors, he has trained audiences in the pharmaceutical + healthcare, financial services, and consumer packaged goods industries.

In addition to his work at HORN, Benoît is an in demand public speaker, and has been asked to deliver presentations to various professional associations. Benoît fine tunes his training to suit his audiences through personality testing. Over 350 written testimonials from well-known clients attest to the quality of the learning experience he provides.

Latin America

Facilitation Team

Felipe Navia

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

Latin America

Felipe is a seasoned, business-savvy learning and development professional who is passionate about delivering a high quality of service excellence that exceeds personal, team, and client performance metrics.

His extensive training and development experience at Ernst & Young, CESA (Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración), and as an independent Training Consultant for several years, has enabled him to hone his skills in leading complex, strategic performance and learning projects and programs.

Felipe has assisted companies across the globe in initiatives such as: strategic project / program management, team-building, leadership development, management, employee performance coaching, and operational best practice development.

Felipe is fluent in Spanish and English.

Asia Pacific

Facilitation Team

Diana Diep Tran

Senior Consultant, Facilitator, and Coach

Asia Pacific

Diana’s broad capability as a learning professional is informed by her real-world business management, marketing, sales and sales management experience.  Her strong passion and high energy is guided by her core value of “helping others to bring about the change in people and produce real business results for organizations throughout Vietnam”.

Diana creates practical learning experiences, grounded in the strategic business context of her clients.  Her pragmatism is informed by numerous years in sales management and country business management at Nestlé Nutrition in Vietnam.

Her training areas of expertise include: Professional Selling, Key Account Management, Influential Communications, Public Speaking, Leadership and Coaching for Results. Diana has been certified by Achieve Global, Crestcom and John Maxwell teams. She is a medical doctor with a Masters degree from Hanoi Medical University.  She speaks fluent Vietnamese and English.

Siriwan (Oh) Pongkijvorasin

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

Asia Pacific

Siriwan is a performance consultant whose capability has also been informed by her more than 15 years of professional experience in Sales and Marketing at numerous multinational companies, mainly in retailing, consumer and lifestyle industries such as Nestle Dairy, The Swatch Company, and Sunny’s Supermarket Co. Ltd.

Her holistic performance thinking was honed by her experience in Organizational Development with the Consulting firm, APM (now EEAC) and Organizational Design with Shell Thailand.  Her business and organizational acumen and raw agility is infused in all of her training sessions.

Siriwan has a Master of Commerce, Marketing from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, and a Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing from Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand.  She speaks fluent Thai and English.


Atik Suharyati

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

Asia Pacific

Atik is a senior sales performance consultant and senior training performance consultant. She is passionate about solid implementation, having tackled the challenge of leading training programs that translate into successful learning experiences that benefit clients organizations.  

Her focus is training implementation in Sales, Leadership and Customer Service, in a multitude of industries including Consumer Packaged Goods, Banking, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality and Automotive.

Prior to her extensive training career, Atik worked in accounting and finance, as well as human resources management, where she was exposed to all key aspects of talent management from recruitment to performance appraisal.

Atik has numerous certifications including Professional Behavior (DISC) and Values Analyst (PIAV) from Success Insights, as well as Professional Selling Skills, Professional Sales Coaching and a range of other sales training programs from Achieve Global.

Atik graduated from the Faculty of Economy, University of Trisakti Jakarta. She speaks Indonesian and English.

Yasue Watanabe

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

Asia Pacific

Yasue Watanabe’s personal mission is to “help struggling yet passionate professionals reach break-through performance, especially in global settings.” Leadership training and coaching are the fuel for her life. Her primary focus is on improving people’s ability to communicate in an influential way in professional settings.

Prior to her career as a learning facilitator and coach, she worked for AMC Entertainment International, Inc. for seven years. She first reported directly to two executive vice presidents assigned from headquarters to set up and run the Japanese branch and theatres, and later served two different presidents of AMC Entertainment’s Japanese subsidiary. She rose to become the first female director of the Fortune 1000 subsidiary.

​Yasue holds a B.A. degree in Business Administration from Sanno University. She is a native Japanese speaker and is capable of facilitation in English.  She is certified in DiSC®, Everything DiSC®, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter.  She has completed the 116-hour CTI Co-Active coaching course and the ORSC (Organization Relationship Systems Coaching) course in California.

Blended Learning Solutions Team

Lisa Young

Senior Vice President, Blended Learning Solutions

Lisa is HORN’s operational head, leading HORN’s multi-disciplinary team of instructional designers, learning specialists, IT developers, facilitators, and project managers. She combines her big-picture, innovative thinking with her advanced knowledge of instructional design to mastermind the design and development process, suited to enabling creation of complex, highly customized learning solutions for HORN’s most sophisticated clients. Her extensive knowledge of online learning allows her to accurately analyze potential eLearning and/or blended learning opportunities based on organizational infrastructure and environment, to ensure that the training methodology utilized best suits the proposed training objectives.

She holds a Bachelor’s of Science, a Bachelor’s of Education, a Master’s of Arts (Education) and is currently completing her Doctorate of Education at OISE/University of Toronto.

Lisa is a published author and has presented at numerous conferences in the fields of adult education, online learning, eLearning management, wearable technology, communities of practice, and telementoring.

Blaire Baker

Director of Design, Blended Learning Solutions

Blaire heads up the Design team at HORN, which includes our team of learning consultants and instructional designers. She is passionate about understanding how training impacts behaviour on the job and ensuring learning “sticks”.

Blaire has over 10 years of experience focused on different areas of Learning & Development (L&D), including Learning/Performance Consulting, Instructional Design, Coaching, and Facilitation. She applied her skill in Learning & Development to various areas of healthcare, including animal health, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Prior to L&D, Blaire spent many years selling in Healthcare. In addition, she has experience in Financial Services and Human Resources.

Blaire holds a Bachelor of Science from Queen’s University. Blaire was a competitive rower and now continues to coach high school rowers. She has been coaching sports for more than 30 years.

Alan Roth

Senior Learning Consultant

For over ten years, Alan has consulted with clients in a variety of industries, designing learning initiatives that support business objectives and strategies. He blends strong analytical skills that quickly identify patterns, gaps, and linkages, with a keen creative ability to design engaging and practical programs. Alan is passionate about creating programs that allow participants to immediately recognize their real world in the learning content and activities.

Alan holds a B.A. from the University of Toronto in Sociology, an M.A., from the University of Toronto in Criminology, and a Training and Development Certificate from Ryerson University, where he also designed and taught both online and classroom courses.

Rosalie Chassat

Project Coordinator

Rosalie also works on the Blended Learning Solutions team, in the function of Project Services.

Informed by her academic and practical experience in hotel management, Rosalie brings a unique combination of capabilities related to project management discipline, customer service excellence and operational productivity.

Her work experience in Learning and Development at Hilton Worldwide in the United Kingdom, as well as Human Resources at Yum! Brands (Pizza Hut) in Canada, enables her to bring a highly practical and relevant approach to managing her client projects.

Rosalie has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, specializing in Hotel Management, as well as numerous other certifications in Project Management and Customer Service. She is fully bilingual in French and English, and has fluency in Portuguese and Spanish.

Adrienne Camilleri

Manager, BLS Support

Adrienne has been at HORN since 2000. She has a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience in the areas of project scheduling, instructional design, development and measurement. She is fluent in both English and French.

Adrienne’s tenure at HORN has equipped her with breadth of experience and operational savvy required to effectively oversee the day-to-day management of projects, internally and externally. Adrienne also plays a key role in the collection and analysis of learning measurement data at HORN. Her keen analytical abilities allow her to extract and communicate insights from data collected regarding the impact of HORN’s initiatives on learners.

Adrienne is a certified instructional designer (Langevin Learning Services) and has an Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto.

Tanya Lambert

Project Coordinator

Tanya is a member of the Blended Learning Solutions team, working in the function of Project Services.

She brings to HORN over 15 years of experience in various industries including Leadership, New Media and Sports. Her strong project management background affords her the ability to take on and manage multiple projects with varying priorities and complexities, and strict deadlines. Her passion for details, strong organizational skills, commitment to quality and interest in continuously learning make her an integral part of the team at HORN.

Tanya holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University.

Megan Clare

Project Coordinator

Megan works on the Blended Learning Solutions team, in the function of Project Services.

She brings a unique set of skills to managing client projects leveraging her background in academic research and quality assurance. Her experiences as a Research Assistant at The Wilds in the USA and at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and as a Quality Assurance Manager in Etobicoke, enable her to collaborate cohesively in diverse teams and client contexts.

Megan has an Honours Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Genetics, with a specialization in Zoology. She has since completed courses in data analysis, instructional design, and program evaluation.

Stephen Dennis

Production Manager

With over 17 years of experience in eLearning, Stephen is a well-versed multimedia artist and a professional Photographer.

Stephen has been with HORN since 2009. As part of the Blended Learning Solutions team, he works on a variety of projects in a variety of roles including software development, graphical manipulation and video production.

With four college diplomas including a three year Television and Film Broadcasting diploma, an Interactive Multimedia post graduate diploma, and certification in photography from Niagara, Stephen is a well rounded asset to the HORN team.

During his career, Stephen has worked on a range of diverse projects for a variety of clients across a range of industries.

Jeff Geady

Senior Graphic Designer, Brand Developer

Jeff provides visual direction to HORN’s core content and front-end design for online programs, and collaborates with the design team to produce course materials that merge efficient and effective understanding with aesthetic pleasure.

Jeff has over 15 years of experience in the eLearning and training space, and holds certificates in Visual Arts and Interactive Multimedia from Niagara College, as well as post-graduate studies in Information Architecture. His passion for interface and information design has resulted in award-winning projects for a client list that includes Microsoft, General Mills, Pfizer, American Eagle Outfitters, CIBC, Labatt, Honeywell, and the Government of Canada.

Operations Team

Lisa Tomassetti

Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration

Lisa is responsible for managing the finance and office administration team as well as analyzing the profitability of the business, managing operations, leading pricing strategy, and managing the client contracting process.

Lisa started with HORN in 1994 as an Executive Assistant to Art Horn. She continues in this role, and throughout her years of service, has worked in various capacities at HORN. Lisa has touched every part of the business and has an extensive knowledge of the inner workings of HORN.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, and started her career working with the Government, with both the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Government Services.

Barry Kirkey

Finance and Office Manager

Barry is an accomplished, thorough and detail-oriented problem solver and is committed to over-delivering on client expectations – both internally and externally.

He is proficient in HTML, SQL and FTP and with a wide variety of software applications including MS Project. Prior to joining HORN Barry worked with Scotiabank and RBC Insurance. Barry received a diploma in Journalism from Durham College. He won the Southern Ontario Newspaper Guild Award in 1998 and was the President’s Honour Roll Journalism Graduate in 1999.