Andrea Jacks

Andrea is a seasoned, dynamic business leader who is respected for her business acumen and her genuine passion for leadership development and employee engagement. People-focused and values-driven, Andrea draws from her professional and personal experience to support clients as they become more influential and achieve targeted outcomes. 

In her 14 years as a high-impact and solutions-focused Regional Director in the hospitality industry, Andrea seamlessly aligned brand culture, business growth, and team development objectives to drive measurable corporate results. She became well-known as a visionary leader who rolled up her sleeves and modeled functional excellence to the multiple layers of management teams reporting to her. 

Andrea is a full-time coach. Her academic work focused on business strategy informs her approach as a motivational mentor of future corporate leaders. Andrea is respected in her community for being highly focused, articulate, compassionate, and energetic.  

Andrea is a certified coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation.