Precisely Customized Leadership Development

Consumer Packaged Goods

The client

A global Fortune 100, consumer packaged goods company


  • Decision, in context of challenging industry and business dynamics, to invest in leadership development to build capabilities and accelerate business results
  • Building on a Global Leadership Framework, composed of six competencies and related behaviours, which had been rolled out one year prior
  • Desire to design and deliver a comprehensive three-year senior leadership curriculum in partnership with HORN to:
    • Develop leadership capability, aligned with the Global Leadership Framework (GLF)
    • Enable leaders to actively support the development of employees
    • Become recognized as a company with a strong learning culture

HORN Solution

  • Grounded in the principle that leadership is learned, not taught, HORN designed a highly immersive, practical Leadership Academy
  • Precisely aligned curriculum design with the competencies contained in the Global  Leadership Framework. Curriculum components include:
    • Leadership 360° Assessment
      • Leaders and their manager / direct reports complete the GLF Assessment and receive personalized feedback to heighten self-awareness and engagement
    • Leadership Workshops
      • Leaders attend seven one-day workshops, focused on each GLF Competency, one every three to four months
    • Post-Workshop Practicum
      • After each workshop, participants select an existing day-to-day project in which to set specific development objectives and activities
    • Post-Training Evaluation
      • Leaders repeat the GLF 360° Leadership Assessment to assess improvements
  • Based on its Canadian success, HORN is expanding the company’s leadership development to other global markets

The Impact

Creation of a common leadership language throughout the organization

Significant increase in perceived knowledge related to leadership

Improved leadership skills demonstrated within practicums by the majority of leaders