The Perfect Pair: Sales Training and Coaching

Category: Sales Training

"ordinary training typically increases productivity by 22% while training combined with coaching increased productivity by 88%"
-International Personnel Management Association

Combining a sales training program with individual or small group coaching will ensure that the desired change occurs - and perhaps most importantly - that it sticks.  

The benefits of coaching after the classroom are many:

  • It provides an opportunity to reinforce and remind participants of the key takeaways from the classroom session
  • It offers individuals a more personalized way for learners to connect with the new behaviours, attitudes or skills addressed in training
  • It is an active and engaging method of supporting learning vs passive mediums such as eLearning
  • It is cost effective
  • It can lead to very rapid changes in behaviour
  • It is a highly flexible and customizable approach to development

Classroom + Coaching = Better Results

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