How the Internet Has Changed Sales

Category: Sales 2.0, Sales Training

Social selling has become a hot topic nowadays and for good reason. The internet has completely changed the way prospects make buying decisions. 

What does this mean for sales professionals?

Develop content that pulls: Posting and sharing targeted, timely content on your website and social media channels is vital in capturing this captive audience. People research what they are looking for through online referrals, google searches and LinkedIn. Gone are the days when cold calling and multiple meetings with prospective customers was the only way to close deals. 

Prospecting is easier: Using social media allows sales professionals to determine the key decision makers in an organization, engage with current customers to determine if they need more services and can easily research to understand what their prospects pain points may be. 

Instant credentialing: Social media allows sales professionals to gather research about their prospects before an initial meeting, cutting to the chase faster and not wasting time asking discovery questions. 

Even with this level of engagement on social media, less than half of frontline salespeople use social media for prospecting and gathering intelligence. And there’s compelling evidence that the salespeople who are actively using social media have a big advantage over those who don’t. 

Don’t know where to start?

Want to discuss how to get behind Social Selling best practices to give your sales team an edge? HORN offers social selling as part of our integrated, customized sales training solutions. Contact our Client Solutions team and get the conversation started.