3 Effective Tips on Cold Calling in the Modern Age

Category: Sales Training

Many people think that with the rise of social selling, that cold calling is obsolete. This is not true. However, sales 2.0 has made it easier to break through when making initial contact. Here are a few tips for your sales team to integrate the web with cold calling

1. Make Use of Online Resources to Research Prospects

Find out common ground and rapport-building by:

  • Searching if there is content that features your prospect
  • Scan their work history
  • See which competitors your prospect is currently using
  • Determine if you know the same people
  • Are you both members of the same LinkedIn group?

Vorsight breaks it down into 3x3 research*, cutting down analysis time and increasing your chances to truly engage with the person you are cold calling. 3x3 research is the results of finding three key points on a prospect/company in three minutes or less

2. Find Their Direct Line Online

Sales reps who utilize a direct line are 146% more effective in getting through to their prospect than by trying to reach them through switchboard. Finding a direct line can be easier said than done. 

Ways to find direct lines:

  • Invest in sales intelligence software, such as Discover.org, which boasts 94% of contacts with direct lines in their database
  • If you are able to get a prospect to answer a cold email, their direct phone number is sometimes listed in their email signature
  • Check their social media profiles, prospects will sometimes list their direct lines

3. Send a Follow-Up Email That Gets Their Attention

You have tried calling and wondering what is next. Write a killer follow-up email that will get their attention. Sales reps are often faced with an uphill battle when shooting off an email - many factors come into play such as: time of day, length of email, too many calls to action, focusing on your product benefits and not on the “what’s in it for me?” factor for your prospect. 

Creating an email that is worthy of a prospect’s attention:

  • The subject line needs to give the prospect a reason to open the email
  • Keep it brief - make sure you address the content to benefit the prospect and add the 3x3 rule mentioned above
  • Make the call-to-action (CTA) impactful and precise:

    • “Can you point me to the right person”
    • “Attend our next webinar”
    • “Download this content”
    • “Attend an exclusive event”