Needs Assessment for Actionable Outcomes

Financial Services

The client

Contact Centre within one of the top 5 Canadian banks


  • Vision to become “the #1 Bank Contact Centre in Canada”
  • Commitment to shift culture from a service centre to a sales-and service-focused business
  • Customer Service Reps required to conduct advisory dialogues, with new predictive tool
  • Desire to:
    • Assess Rep readiness to adopt new customer dialogue skills, new product knowledge, and new system usage
    • Formulate plan to enable leaders to lead change and equip Reps with new required knowledge and skills

HORN Solution

  • Conducted a thorough Needs Assessment from the inside-out
  • Utilized a four-step methodology to deeply and broadly understand key stakeholder perceptions:
    • Step 1 – Explore the Landscape
      • Examine the current environment
      • Define the current versus desired future state
      • Identify who will be affected and anticipate how
    • Step 2 – Ask, Listen and Ask Again
      • Invite those impacted to share their perspective, freely
      • Uncover fears, hopes and desires for the future
      • Define the problem/opportunity and seek feedback
    • Step 3 – Summarize
      • Compare perspectives
      • Observe patterns
      • Identify the context of the purpose
    • Step 4 – Ask “So what”?
      • Step back and consider all information in the context of the purpose/desired future state
      • Develop implications, solutions and action plans

The Impact

More complete and accurate perspective on the current versus future state

Heightened leadership awareness of barriers to cultural shift

Increased investment in the "change" element

Accelerated understanding, buy-in, and uptake on new skills and knowledge by Customer Service Reps