Manager Coaching Assessment to Action

Financial Services

The client

Division within one of the top 5 Canadian banks


  • Recognition of the need to elevate front-line capabilities through consistent, high-quality manager coaching
  • Manager role redefined to focus primarily on coaching with less administration
  • Senior leader desire to:
    • Objectively optimize talent selection for the newly defined Manager role
    • Objectively identify talent development priorities for in-role and new-to-role Managers

HORN Solution

  • Developed a rigorous, efficient, and objective assessment protocol with three components:
    • Behaviour-based Self-Assessment
    • Scenario-based Coaching Assessment
    • Behaviour-based Leader and Direct Report Assessment (for development planning)
  • Provided insight into relative manager coaching will, skill, and development potential
  • Incorporated quantitative ratings in summary reports to assist in staffing decisions

The Impact

Improved objectivity in talent selection decisions

Creation of a coaching culture with committed manager coaches

Foundation developed for ongoing manager development