Rhona Berger

Rhona brings a wealth of experience in design, development, and facilitation spanning over 20 years across various industries.

Rhona’s approach to design is centered around curiosity and utilizing her coaching skills. She recognizes the importance of asking insightful questions, actively listening, and continuously learning to develop client solutions that effectively engage, empower, and ultimately contribute to personal, professional, and organizational success.

Rhona’s educational and professional background demonstrates a diverse set of skills and expertise in the areas of business, information technology, adult education, training and development, coaching, organizational development, and management. Rhona has Business and Information Technology Diploma, an Honours Certificate in Adult Education, an Organizational Development Certificate from Queen’s University, is a Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP), a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC),  is DISC certified and has a Mini-MBA from the Canadian Management Centre covering essential business topics and management principles.