Joe Little

Joe Little is a professional development facilitator, consultant and certified coach. He has trained and/or coached hundreds of engineers, scientists and finance professionals in the art of oral communication, influence, persuasion and emotional intelligence. He helps technical experts make their first leap from their areas of expertise into the world of people and leadership.

Joe has facilitated for global audiences in Canada, US, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific, and has served clients from the financial, pharmaceutical, technological, and packaged goods industries. In his coaching and facilitation, he draws on his diverse business experience over the past 11 years, including sales, branch management, and entrepreneurship. Joe has worked extensively with non-native English speakers to develop their confidence and competence in influential, emotionally-intelligent business communication.

Joe has also coached, pro bono, artists, activists and philanthropists at TEDx conferences whose causes he supports. A well-travelled Montreal native and speaker of four languages, Joe brings an intuitive, authentic approach to learning, creating an enriching experience that allows participants to have fun, break through the veneer of “corporate buzzwords”, and enrich each other’s work and lives.