Navigating the new demands of leadership

June 16, 2022

1pm - 2pm EDT


In only a few years, there has been a radical change in our expectations of leaders.

DemandsĀ have arisen on multiple fronts: leadership is now more personal and individual; leaders must be tech-savvy while being human-focused; leaders must straddle the needs of employees with the often-conflicting needs of the business.

Mindsets and skillsets required to lead today and into the future are evolving faster than ever, and many organizations are behind in equipping leaders to continually keep pace and succeed.


What you will learnĀ 

In this one-hour panel session, you will hear two thought leaders from two Fortune 100 companies, discuss the future of leadership with facilitator Michelle Moore, a Leadership and Transformation Executive and HORN SVP, Client Solutions and Delivery. Specifically, they will discuss:

  • What will be required to lead successfully in the future, and
  • How they are preparing leaders in their own organizations

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