Leveraging Evaluation to Solve the Right Problem

Consumer Packaged Goods

The client

Tier-one global consumer packaged goods company, specializing in confections, food, and pet care


  • While comprehensive global talent management tools and processes were in place, employee development and career progression were below expectations
  • Company relied heavily on external recruitment of senior roles due to lack of perceived high-quality internal talent
  • Executive team goal to elevate internal talent quality and create a robust talent pipeline

HORN Solution

  • Qualitative Assessment: Conducted extensive, candid focus groups at all levels to unpack barriers to employee development
  • Informed Quantitative Evaluation: Custom-designed and administered an academically rigorous, yet practical survey with all employees to assess and validate “why” employee development was not occurring
  • Insight-Based Decision-Making: Recommended three key initiatives, precisely linked to three root causes:
    • Enhanced understanding of talent management processes and employee/manager roles within it
    • Tightly defined “quality”, with focus on content, not just completion
    • Broadly communicated and leveraged mentoring program to support employee development
  • Executive Commitment to the Goal: Leadership team stayed the course – actioning recommendations and measuring employee progress annually, to ensure progress toward the goal

The Impact

80% of employees evolved their objectives / development plans, up 14.3%, with most perceiving it a valuable use of time

More balanced development activities with 12% increase in on-the-job learning

83% of employees expressed increased satisfaction with manager support

75% of employees perceived fewer performance "surprises"