Leading a Culture Shift


The client

The parent company of several of Canada’s largest, fastest-growing restaurant chains.


  • Declining guest count, guest satisfaction and overall profitability
  • High turnover and a lack of accountability amongst 5000 millennial employees
  • Increasing competitive pressure in a struggling economy
  • Desire to create a “Learning Culture” to:
    • Elevate the capability of critical managerial roles to coach and develop critical front-line staff
    • Create a meaningful point of difference with prospective / current employees
    • Improve guest experience
    • Increase profits

HORN Solution

  • Engaged, inspired and enabled active senior leadership sponsorship
  • Created a Strategic Roadmap leading to a more values-based, people-centric culture
  • Consistently communicated how the Strategic Roadmap and desired Learning Culture would contribute to company and personal success
  • Developed the ability of leaders to be teachers, consistently living the credo “leverage every teachable moment to create value”
  • Utilized highly-customized training to improve guest experience
  • Entrenched accountability by facilitating ongoing personal growth for each employee
  • Created self-sufficiency in terms of building and delivering own training content

The Impact

Increase in overall EBITDA of 14%, and guest count erosion stabilized, despite rapid growth in competition

Employee engagement rose from 68% to 87%

Management fill rate increased from 52% to 86%

72% of employees indicated they receive regular coaching from their manager