Enabling Consistent Sales Management Practices for Success

Financial Services

The client

The Private Client Group of one of the big five banks in Canada


  • Leadership’s vision was to create effective, consistent sales management practices, language, and skills across the country to drive consistent sales growth
  • New sales management planning and dashboard tools were needed to support Directors in driving consistent sales execution
  • Leadership wished to equip Directors with the knowledge and skills to effectively use the new management tools in their coaching conversations in Individual and Group Meetings to optimize sales performance

HORN Solution

  • Preliminary analysis uncovered opportunity to enhance knowledge of new sales management tools, clarify accountability and overcome resistance to using tools, at all levels
  • HORN designed a phased sales management initiative that logically guided Directors through multiple learning touchpoints, each aimed at addressing identified obstacles in a learner-centred way
    • Phase One: Leading a Culture of Sales Excellence
      • A half-day classroom session for senior leaders to reinforce the important role they play in creating the desired sales management change
    • Phase Two: Business Intelligence for Sales Excellence
      • A series of three, two-hour webinars aimed at building Director knowledge and buy-in to using each tool
    • Phase Three: Elevating your Team’s Tolerance for Change
      • One-hour webinar designed to equip Directors to build buy-in among their team members (Financial Consultants) to populate sales tools on a consistent basis
    • Phase Four: Conducting Conversations that Drive Sales Excellence
      • A one-day classroom session to equip Directors to effectively integrate the new management tools in their management and coaching dialogues
    • Phase Five: Sales Excellence in Action
      • Two, 60-minute teleconferences with Directors to motivate them to put learning into action

The Impact

Significant increase in uptake by Directors and Financial Consultants in use of the sales and sales management tools

Director feedback indicated increased understanding of the new sales management tools, confidence to use tools to assess team member performance, and motivation to integrate the sales management tools into the regular Individual and Group meetings.