Embedding a Sales Discipline: Creating a Performance Culture


The client

A large energy company that incentivizes investment in energy-efficient solutions for business and personal homeowners


  • Meeting high external and internal growth expectations in a rapidly changing energy market that was causing decline in customer motivation to invest in gas, energy-efficient solutions
  • Attaining a stronger sales culture by adapting more structure and discipline in managing team performance

HORN Solutions

  • Designed a new performance system, composed of four components:
    • Defining the most important goal to achieve
    • Establishing the three KPIs that best predict successful achievement of the main goal
    • Designing a scoreboard tool to track / profile results
    • Establishing biweekly management meetings to unite team on progress and required action steps
  • Facilitated collaborative, iterative working sessions to maximize buy-in by leaders and staff:
    • Leading sales and marketing leaders to define the main goal
    • Helping each department to define their top three KPIs and scoreboard tool
    • Prompting leaders to define management meeting structure
    • Training leaders in conversation skills to hold team members accountable in biweekly
      management meetings

The Impact

Contributed to highest revenue achievement in six years

Significantly enhanced leadership team collaboration and first-time sharing of resources to maximize revenue potential

Prompted more timely and keener identification of business issues

Improved leadership effectiveness with broader line of sight to the total business