Creating an Agile Culture with Empowered Decision-Makers

Consumer Packaged Goods

The client

A global Fortune 100 pharmaceutical and consumer health-care company


  • Employee Engagement Survey results indicated an opportunity to enhance decision-making by empowering the team to make decisions, improving communication and reducing time spent in meetings
  • Senior leadership committed to create a best-in-class, agile culture through better decision-making

HORN Solutions

  • Designed a three-tier, cascade approach to clarifying roles and developing decision-making skills
    • Executive Team addressed barriers to agility and aligned on what types of decisions to be made at each management level
    • Leaders validated decision-making roles, and embraced a new R.A.P.I.D. role-clarity framework and G.O.A.L. decision-making process
    • Front-line employees participated in training to understand decision-making roles and learn R.A.P.I.D. and G.O.A.L., with hands-on, real-time project situations
  • Inspired a strong intention to embed agile decision-making processes in skills as a cultural “norm” through integration in:
    • meeting protocols
    • annual objective-setting process
    • day-to-day leader coaching

The Impact

12% improvement in employee perception of leaders taking positive action, in one year

75% of employees felt empowered to make decisions, up 7% in one year

Perception of agile culture increased 9% points in two years

R.A.P.I.D. embraced as a "standard" for clarifying roles