Our Approach

HORN designs, develops and delivers highly customized blended learning strategies and solutions. Strengthening the effectiveness of your team through building the capability to influence is at the core of our work. We work with groups from all disciplines, industries and roles. We often work in areas where the benefits of developing influencing skills are most immediate: 

Why Custom Learning Solutions? 

Custom-built means we design and deliver learning solutions that are highly relevant and actionable for your specific training audience. Through our proven 4 step development process, we capture the essence of your organization, culture and marketplace and infuse this into a learning experience that will resonate with your team and inspire the change you require. 

What is Blended Learning? 

HORN designs learning strategies or training programs that leverage multiple learning modes including: classroom, eLearning and other technology enabled approaches, webinars, and one-on-one coaching.

Blended Learning involves using a variety of learning techniques and approaches to connect with learners. An example could be a traditional classroom training event paired with eLearning content designed to support and advance the work done in the classroom. 

Why Use Blended Learning Solutions?

A blended learning approach means that learners can access training resources beyond face-to-face training sessions to help augment, accelerate or sustain their learning. 

If face-to-face sessions are missed, learners can find that information through eLearning tools, which encourages self-paced learning and increases knowledge retention.  

Blended Learning will also appeal to a broader range of learning styles. Some people learn better when they can independently pace their progress, others benefit from the opportunity to share ideas in a classroom setting.

Ultimately, applying a blended approach to learning design has been shown to drive exponential improvements in the efficacy of training. Consider the impact of combining Coaching with Classroom Learning: 

“ordinary training typically increases productivity by 22% while training combined with coaching increased productivity by 88%”      International Personnel Management Association


HORN: Deep Partnership with Nestlé

Watch April Chong from Nestlé Canada describe how HORN effectively partners with her company, with uncommon depth.


Benefits of Custom Training

Focused Content
Everything, from the format of the initiative to the specific techniques and tools levered by training, is selected based on your organization's objectives and the issues you face.

Collective Learning
A large-scale custom initiative will accelerate organizational change by establishing a shared experience.

Your needs - not our routines - determine the best approach to achieving the results you need.

Custom learning programs can integrate seamlessly with previous or existing training programs limiting waste.

By creating real-world, hands-on learning experiences audiences can immediately relate to training and readily apply new skills to their roles.