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HORN elevates the mindset and skill set of salespeople. We help them to uncover and develop the behaviours that will make them personally more effective. This, in turn, enables them to execute on key organizational strategies to ensure positive results.

With over 30 years of experience training sales teams across every industry group, we have identified the core behaviours and skills consistently demonstrated by top performing sales professionals. We’ve tested, assembled, and organized the core traits of these top performers into four categories offering a simplified and useful framework for identifying how to allocate training investment.

Strategic Skills

Seeing the big picture and planning are key skills for successful sales professionals. Honed strategic skills optimize the efforts of a sales team and improve productivity. Territory management, key stakeholder mapping, targeting accounts, and key account planning are some of the common topics designed to improve strategic sales skills.

Tactical Skills

Once your sales team has identified their target accounts and opportunities, the focus shifts to tactical abilities. Tactical sales skills involve interacting with and influencing clients face-to-face, over the telephone and even in writing. Tactical sales skills include question asking, positioning value, presentation skills, negotiating, objection handling, gaining commitment, and building rapport.

Self-Management Skills

Self-management skills involve not just simple things like staying organized and managing time, but the often unspoken skills of staying positive, getting yourself to listen and concentrate, authenticity, taking ownership, and accountability.

Product, Industry & Company Knowledge

Product, industry, and company knowledge is a broad heading about the things on which a successful salesperson needs to be fluent in order to navigate everything from internal company systems to conversations with customers about competitors. It’s not just about the raw technical details that one must know, it’s about how and when to apply such information.

Every sales professional encounters objections. One of the techniques which HORN teaches sales teams on how to handle objections is through “FUEL". Graham Kaufmann explains the technique in this short video.

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