HORN Coaching Services

Coaching is a goal-directed, one-on-one, conversational process of building behavioural strategies to address problems and goals. By engaging in an objective, feedback-rich process, individuals are able to explore and develop fresh perspectives.

Coaching is a highly effective and personalized approach to addressing communication and self-management challenges such as stress management, assertiveness, delicate communication, empathy enhancement and improved patience.

Often clients use this service as a simple sounding board to get objective and mature feedback on business and personal matters. Others use it to transcend self-imposed limits. Coaching relationships vary in length, anywhere from 3 months to 1-2 years, according to each client's needs. 

In a typical coaching relationship the coach and the client will work together to:

  • Understand current performance levels
  • Clarify goals for the future
  • Evaluate any problems
  • Identify options for goal completion
  • Set performance standards
  • Commit to a plan

Coaching Applications

Leadership coaching can be a valuable tool for supporting leaders through significant organizational change initiatives, preparing individuals for new and expanded responsibilities or for individual, customized skill development.

Performance coaching is designed to complement and sustain skills learned through a classroom application. This approach enables individuals to gain highly personalized insight into their unique development areas. Leaders and manager of teams participating in classroom training will often use coaching sessions to develop the skills required to reinforce and sustain the in-class learning for their team. 

Team Coaching is when each team member receives confidential and personalized coaching. Feedback and insights are designed to benefit both the individual participant and the broader team. In most cases, the team will be brought together at specific intervals to embed new behaviours and to ensure that goals are being achieved. 

Coaching Practice Leads

HORN"s Graham Kaufmann describes the three main reasons why coaching is important to key members of your team.