Today's fast-paced business environment requires that learning must be available when and where your people need it. HORN provides a variety of technology-enhanced learning approaches that are learner-centric, can be personalized to the individual and customized to your organization.

HORN has the in-house capability and expertise to deliver learning through a wide range of technology-enabled modalities such as: 

  • eLearning or mLearning
  • Webinars, Webcasts or PodCasts
  • Virtual classroom environment (VLEs)
  • Online Knowledge Repositories
  • Advanced Business Simulations
  • Virtual Case Studies
  • Computer-aided Assessments or Surveys

Technology enabled Learning, or eLearning, will often be used to sustain and reinforce classroom training. By leveraging various learning methods or modalities the effectiveness of a training initiative is vastly improved. 

Benefits of eLearning:

Appeals to Broader Range of Learning Styles
Some team members learn better when they can independently pace themselves. 

Flexibility in Self-Paced Learning
If face-to-face meetings are missed, learners can access training information through eLearning tools, encouraging self-paced learning and increasing knowledge retention. 

Retention of Information
Custom learning programs can integrate seamlessly with previous or existing training programs limiting waste.