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The 5 Skills of World-Class Key Account Managers


Today, key account managers need to be more than sales professionals. Competition is more aggressive, customers are more rigorous in their buying decisions, and many industries are showing slow-to-no growth. In this more complex...[more]

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6 Ways to Create a Culture of Accountability


Accountability. What does it really mean? To most, accountability is just a synonym for responsibility. More importantly, however, it should be seen as taking responsibility and getting others to take responsibility. It is about...[more]

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The Irony of Influence: How to stop being our own worst enemy


The average person can think 450 words per minute but can actually speak only 150 words in the same time. So what happens to those extra 300 words? They go into self-talk: words that often analyse and evaluate what we’re...[more]

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VIDEO: 10 Ways to Influence


HORN's Graham Kaufmann explains 10 ways of influence, and outlines which ones are the most effective. [more]

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CASE STUDY: Building a Best-In-Class-Sales Team


The Client One of the largest consumer packaged goods companies in Canada, with over 250+ sales team members The Challenge Flat sales based on three factors: mature categories, price deflation and a food safety setbackProfit...[more]

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Testimonial: We Build Deep Partnerships with Clients


Watch April Chong from Nestlé Canada describe how HORN effectively partners with her company, with uncommon depth. [more]

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CASE STUDY - Change Management: The Importance of Engagement


Making a strategic change within your sales team can be successful when communication across all levels of the team is open and constant.  The Client: A Global Fortune 100 consumer packaged goods company in Canada The...[more]

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Using Sales Training as a Strategic Tool


By Art Horn Most of us know sales training as a means to elevate performance in short- and long-term metrics:  Yet, optimizing performance in these areas surely underlies all business initiatives—probably everything we...[more]

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3 Effective Tips on Cold Calling in the Modern Age


Many people think that with the rise of social selling, that cold calling is obsolete. This is not true. However, sales 2.0 has made it easier to break through when making initial contact. Here are a few tips for your sales team...[more]

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VIDEO: 4 Powerful Ways to Become More Influential


In this video, Graham Kaufmann discusses 4 ways in which displaying empathy in your career makes you more influential with your colleagues and customers. Connect with a HORN Client Solutions Representative to find out more or...[more]

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Sales Training in the Age of the Distracted Learner


We are constantly distracted in the new age of working. Learning has become something that is weaved into the everyday workplace - to accommodate constant interruptions.  The Facts: With these factors in mind, sales...[more]

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INFOGRAPHIC Business Success is Tied Directly to Happy Employees


Studies show that engaged employees lead to an increase of business success and productivity. How? Create a great company culture, make your company a place where people want to be.  Training Your Leaders to Adopt a...[more]

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CASE STUDY: Changing a Sales Culture From Transactional to Consultative


The Client: A leading national media & marketing solutions company selling advertising to Canadian businesses of all sizes. The Challenge: Reposition firm from “transactional” print vendor into hyper competitive 360°...[more]

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3 Ways to Make Your Annual Sales Conference the Most Memorable Yet


First off, make it memorable by keeping it simple. It’s that time of year again to start planning your next annual sales meeting, and If you are going to do skill building, don’t try and do too much. Here are a few ways you can...[more]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Take Your Sales Performance From Good to Great in 1 Simple Way


A great Sales Manager is the key to sales success. Improving sales coaching skills can help take your organization's sales performance from good to great.  Learn how HORN's training approach teaches your Sales Managers to...[more]

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EBOOK: Maximizing LinkedIn: How to Reach Prospects in the Age of Social Selling


With the emergence of Web 2.0 and the immediacy it provides us in accessing information, the approach to selling has changed dramatically for sales professionals. Customers can instantly access information online for products and...[more]

Category: Sales Training, Sales 2.0

VIDEO: Handling Objections in Sales - 4 Simple Steps


It is inevitable for a sales professional s to encounter objections. HORN’s Graham Kaufmann addresses how to overcome hurdles in a positive way through our model, FUEL.. When applied, this method can move the relationship...[more]

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The Four Keys to Sales Success


Sales leaders invest in sales training to enable their entire team to achieve the level of performance of their top performers. They recognize key characteristics of superstars on the team and work toward replicating and...[more]

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The New Way Buying Decisions Are Made: A Sales Decision in 10 Steps


In an earlier blog post, we shared a powerful statistic that showed buyers complete 56% of their buying process before they even contacted a sales rep. This research-first buyer behaviour has changed fundamentally how marketing...[more]

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A Special Holiday Message from HORN


HORN extends our very best wishes for a happy holiday season!  Giving back to the community is important to us. We will be donating $1 for each click on our holiday eCard to the Breakfast Club of Canada, a charity creating...[more]

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How the Internet Has Changed Sales


Social selling has become a hot topic nowadays and for good reason. The internet has completely changed the way prospects make buying decisions.  What does this mean for sales professionals? Develop content that pulls:...[more]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Connecting With Leads - Persistence Pays Off


The scenario: a new lead comes in and is assigned to you. Great news!  Before you start contacting the busy decision-maker, consider this:  What is the right formula when connecting with the lead?  It can be a...[more]

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2015 Planning: Simulation-Based Training


Adults learn new concepts, retain information and apply new skills more effectively when the subject matter is relevant and personally important to them. We also learn better when we can immediately apply new approaches to the...[more]

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VIDEO: Three Reasons for Coaching


HORN’s Graham Kaufmann explains three key reasons for coaching within your company. Coaching a key member of a team shows a company’s commitment to that individual and creates an environment where that individual can thrive in...[more]

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2015 Planning: 4 Major Trends in Sales Training


Looking ahead to 2015 some important trends are formulating in the sales training space. Some trends to consider when looking to invest in sales training programs next year include the following: Social Selling is a Game...[more]

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Why Use Blended Learning Solutions?


Forgive us for showing our bias but:  Learning is good.  Blended Learning is great.  Traditional classroom-based corporate training has been shown to improve productivity by 22%. But when classroom training is...[more]

Category: Training Program Design

4 Ways to Keep the Training Alive


The statistics are powerful: 80% of new skills are lost within one week if not used and 87% of new skills are lost within one month. Sustaining the positive impacts of corporate training is the key to maximizing your return on...[more]

Category: Custom Training

VIDEO: The Power of Positive Feedback


What separates ok feedback from fantastic feedback? HORN’s Graham Kaufmann outlines the three C’s that are crucial for Sales Managers in delivering effective feedback and why it matters to you and your sales team. HORN...[more]

Category: Management Training

2015 Planning: Tips for Optimizing your Training ROI


As the 2014 calendar winds down many of us enter into that fifth season of the year some of us call planning season. If training is on your radar for 2015 consider these simple tips for optimizing your training dollars so you can...[more]

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CASE STUDY - Communication is Vital For Change Management Success


The very nature of HORN’s work involves ‘managing change’. We specialize in optimizing performance in organizations – most commonly our focus is the sales teams or leadership teams. We often work with large, complex organizations...[more]

Category: Organizational Change

INFOGRAPHIC: Leadership Matters - Nature vs. Nurture


It's an age old debate: is leadership skill innate or can it be learned?  At HORN, we believe it can be learned and we help create great leaders. Leadership does matter and here is evidence that it matters in your...[more]

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Sales Tip 2.0: Interacting In LinkedIn Groups


Creating new opportunities through LinkedIn groups can be effective if you are strategic about it. There are many opportunities to interact with others, make some meaningful connections and share advice.  The great thing...[more]

Category: Sales Training, Sales 2.0

Transitions: Sales Superstar to Sales Manager


Setting up your first-time Sales Manager for success [more]

Category: Management Training

INFOGRAPHIC: The Value of Social Selling


Social selling has become a hot topic and it has proven to be a valuable tool for sales teams to reach and encourage buyers to start a relationship.    Leverage the power of social selling for your sales team. HORN...[more]

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Sales Tip 2.0: Finding Prospects Through Your Company Page on LinkedIn


What if you were already sitting on a gold mine of potential customers? People who are already aware of your company, product or services and just waiting for you to reach out to them? Well that’s your followers on your LinkedIn...[more]

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INFOGRAPHIC: What's Your Return on Training Investment?


The decision to invest in training and development for employees is not always clear cut. Here's a few to consider: HORN designs customized learning solutions that keep your organization's goals clearly in focus. Speak...[more]

Category: Sales Training

The Five Reactions to Change


It's commonly accepted that change is an inevitable reality in business today. Change can be unsettling and managing or leading teams through change requires a careful hand. Understanding how we typically respond to change can...[more]

Category: Organizational Change

The Perfect Pair: Sales Training and Coaching


"ordinary training typically increases productivity by 22% while training combined with coaching increased productivity by 88%"-International Personnel Management Association Combining a sales training program with...[more]

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Introducing HORN Academy - Learn Something New Each Week


Welcome to our new blog – HORN Academy!  Here we will be posting updates, ideas, tips and tricks and best practices compiled from our 30 years in the field.  At HORN we leverage an uncommon depth of experience,...[more]

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