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Throw Your Stuff Off the Plane - Art Horn

Accountability — we all want the people around us to be responsible, reveal genuine commitment, keep their word, and stay away from blaming others. But organizational systems that aim to institutionalize accountability don’t quite go all the way. People are people. They have their own wants and needs, their own psychological tangles, and they often don’t particularly want to be held accountable, let alone confront others who have let them down.

Throw Your Stuff Off the Plane is here to help. It reveals the missing ingredient in the traditional recipes to get people to do what they are supposed to do. It provides a step-by-step process for inspiring team members to embrace more personal responsibility, necessary to consistently deliver results.

In a step-by-step, practical manner, this guide shows leaders how to move beyond ego in their day-to-day leadership tasks, thereby achieving engaged, inspired, committed, and productive teams and businesses.

Through self-management techniques, this resource teaches how setting aside personal judgments and focusing on the needs of individual employees encourages a workplace unencumbered by office politics while promoting a productive work environment.

Worriers, controllers, attention-seekers, victims, fakes: these are all typical profiles of professionals who let different types of fear keep them from achieving professional success. And fear has an even more destructive effect:

It is the root of conflict, which can undermine the productivity of teams and entire organizations. Face It identifies several basic behavioural profiles, and helps readers assess their own behaviours as well as those of coworkers. The book explains how the behaviors develop, and offers practical techniques for replacing fear and mistrust with mutual respect and rebuilding the sense of shared commitment to common goals. Like a session with a good personal coach, '

Face It will give readers new strength to face their fears, and help them work more productively as individuals and with colleagues. Conquering their demons will allow them to establish a pattern of improved performance, self-esteem, and personal freedom.

Published in multiple languages and distributed around the world, Gifts of Leadership: Team Building Through Empathy and Focus provides managers with insights to strengthen their leadership capabilities and the opportunity to seize the full potential of the organization.

It explores the role of “self-talk” in day-to-day interactions and clearly shows how to harness it in oneself and connect with it in others. The book shows practical ways to coordinate authentic listening with a passion to achieve goals. 

Originally published in 1996, Skills for Sales Success was co-authored by Art Horn and David Batchelor, both of HORN, and was the course textbook used by salespeople in Canada seeking the Government of Canada-sanctioned designation CSP (Certified Sales Professional).

The book has since been used by thousands of professional salespeople in colleges and university campuses across Canada. It describes in a highly readable and accessible format the characteristics and behaviours of effective presenters, negotiators, account planners, and sellers.

It covers all the main themes central to sales success: self-management, tactical selling skills, strategic thinking skills, and knowledge management. The book’s central principles and organization and have formed the foundation of Consultative Selling training courses across North America.