The New Way Buying Decisions Are Made: A Sales Decision in 10 Steps

Category: Sales Training, Sales 2.0

In an earlier blog post, we shared a powerful statistic that showed buyers complete 56% of their buying process before they even contacted a sales rep. This research-first buyer behaviour has changed fundamentally how marketing and sales interact with each other, and the role of the sales rep.

Here is a B2B scenario involving the purchase of software: 

This new reality has an undeniable impact on sales professionals. The role of a salesperson is changing.  

Networking and prospecting skills are still important but the tools have changed. Instead of using the telephone and knocking on doors, sales professionals are relying more and more on social media to research or connect with targeted prospects.  

There is less emphasis on presenting product features and benefits today and more reliance on delivering custom tailored insights that show potential clients how your products or services will deliver value.

More than ever before the role of the professional salesperson has morphed from "sell" to "consult". The key success factors involve developing trust and rapport with clients and respecting that the customer is now firmly in the drivers seat.  

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