The Four Keys to Sales Success

Category: Sales Training

Sales leaders invest in sales training to enable their entire team to achieve the level of performance of their top performers. They recognize key characteristics of superstars on the team and work toward replicating and instilling the same capability and skill within the team as a whole. It makes sense, right? If you share “best practices” then better things begin to happen. 

But how do you determine what those best practices and characteristics are? 
What is the profile of the ideal sales person? 

Over our 30 years working hand-in in-hand with leading organizations across Canada, HORN Training & Consulting has identified the core behaviours and skills consistently demonstrated by top performing sales professionals. 

HORN has tested, assembled, and organized the core traits of these top performers into four categories offering a simplified and useful framework for identifying how to allocate >training investment. 

Training the Four Keys

Training Topics organizations invest in for training related to the Four Keys, are captured here:

A Holistic Approach to Solution Design

We deliver precisely tailored solutions that can only come from an uncommon depth of insight, experience and commitment. We invest first to understand your people and your organization. We do the hard work to unearth barriers to performance and then we deliver insights that lead to powerful and enduring solutions.

HORN collaborates with clients to custom-build comprehensive solutions informed by the Four Keys to Sales Success. We follow a proven approach to solution design and then we apply a depth of practice areas to enable and sustain the results your organization desires. 

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