Sales Training in the Age of the Distracted Learner

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We are constantly distracted in the new age of working. Learning has become something that is weaved into the everyday workplace - to accommodate constant interruptions. 

The Facts:

With these factors in mind, sales training can be developed to accommodate the wants and needs of a modern sales team:

Sales Simulations

This type of training goes above and beyond “role playing” and is a highly immersive and experiential approach to allowing learners to immediately apply newly-learned skills. 

Simulation-based sales training will: 

  • Challenge sales people to make strategic decisions in the moment, to react to the unexpected and to work through an entire sales process in a non-threatening environment with their peers. 
  • Introduce a high degree of task-tension - just like in the real world where new skills can be "road-tested”
  • Be a safe environment for leaders and managers to observe behaviour in the moment
  • Provide instant context and feedback allowing participants to advance their proficiency instantly

Blended Learning Solutions

This type of training accommodates today’s fast-paced business environment by delivering learning through a wide-range of technology-enabled modalities such as: webinars, virtual classroom environments, virtual case studies or online assessments and surveys. 

Blended learning solutions are ideal for:

  • Reinforcing and sustaining classroom learning 
  • Accommodate a sales team that is spread out over a large geographic area
  • Allows learners to learn on their own time -allowing them to pause, stop and restart learning modules to accommodate interruptions and busy schedules

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