Sales Tip 2.0: Interacting In LinkedIn Groups

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Creating new opportunities through LinkedIn groups can be effective if you are strategic about it. There are many opportunities to interact with others, make some meaningful connections and share advice. 

The great thing about groups is that everyone within a group has common ground. The downside? Some groups are not moderated well, group members may be annoying and you may encounter online trolls.

How to Discover Great Groups

Find 5 groups that interest you and are in line with your goals and target audience. Study each group and read some of the conversations. Are people participating actively and positively in the dialogue?

Signs of a good group on LinkedIn:

  • There are guidelines outlined in an email when you request to join
  • People are actively participating in discussions
  • Groups with fewer members yet high engagement will help you cut through the noise

Some Things to Consider:

  • Many groups do not allow you to post links. it is restricted to dialogue only
  • When you pick your five groups, set aside 5-10 minutes per day reading discussions and responding only when you have relevant and thoughtful information to share
  • Always keep the WIIFM factor in mind
  • Keep a unique voice - do not autopost across many groups
  • Be of the mindset of helping, not selling

Need some ideas for messaging?

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Be the Life of the Party

Being part of a LinkedIn group is very similar to being at a networking session or a party. Be a good conversationalist, listen to others and make everyone feel wanted and included. You will earn respect, new connections and people will want to hear more from you. 

This is part of a series of sales tips involving prospecting effectively on LinkedIn. 

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