Sales Tip 2.0: Finding Prospects Through Your Company Page on LinkedIn

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What if you were already sitting on a gold mine of potential customers? People who are already aware of your company, product or services and just waiting for you to reach out to them? Well that’s your followers on your LinkedIn company page. Before you start reaching out to this untapped source of prospects you need to plan your approach.

Ask yourself:

1. Who is my ideal client?

  • What position and seniority level am I targeting?
  • What specific industries do I want to focus on?

2. How can I add value for this prospect?

  • What challenges are they looking to solve?
  • How can you solve those problems?

3. How do I capture their attention?

  • How do I construct my message in a way that would be appealing to them? Tap into the emotion the challenge gives to the prospect and show how you can solve that problem.
  • What is my call to action? What do you want your potential customer do as a result of your messaging?

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Once your planning and messaging is complete, take a look at the followers on your LinkedIn company profile. 

Who matches your criteria? 

Instead of the carpet bomb approach, select 5-10 contacts and personalize your message to each contact. Good luck and happy selling!

This is part of a series of sales tips involving prospecting effectively on LinkedIn. 

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