Introducing HORN Academy - Learn Something New Each Week

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Welcome to our new blog – HORN Academy!  Here we will be posting updates, ideas, tips and tricks and best practices compiled from our 30 years in the field. 

At HORN we leverage an uncommon depth of experience, insight and solution areas to deliver our clients exceptional results.

Through the HORN Academy we will be sharing insights from our experiences that will focus on helping you to:  

  • Improve sales performance,
  • Keep your team engaged and energized,
  • Realize your personal goals and the goals of your organization,
  • Make organizational change a positive experience and much more.

HORN Training and Consulting is passionate about assisting you and your business to achieve better results. Taking a holistic approach we help our clients drive positive changes in performance. HORN visions the path to improvements through our Consulting practice, and we enable new behaviours, skills and processes through our Blended Learning practice. 

We look forward to connecting with you and we hope you will come back often to visit us!


Did you know? 

Interesting facts and details about things we care about.

Sales Training

  • Companies that invest in sales training realize sales improvements by 6.5%
  • 41% of employees who receive no training plan to leave their employer within 1 year

-American Society for Training and Development

Sales Leadership

  • When sales managers are used to reinforce sales training, retention increases by 62%

-Ventana Research

Leadership Development

  • Nearly 60% of companies face leadership talent shortages which impede performance.


  • Training combined with coaching leads to an increase of 88% in productivity, vs. 23% from training alone.

-Centre for Management and Organizational Effectiveness


  • 41% of companies reported that the sales department was the primary focus area for change management initiatives
  • 35% of companies believe the lack of clearly defined milestones was the leading cause of failure for change initiatives

-Economist Intelligence Unit Survey