CASE STUDY - Communication is Vital For Change Management Success

Category: Organizational Change

The very nature of HORN’s work involves ‘managing change’. We specialize in optimizing performance in organizations – most commonly our focus is the sales teams or leadership teams. We often work with large, complex organizations that need to modify, adapt, alter, improve, tweak, or adjust existing approaches, methods and processes in order to embrace the ever-evolving realities of their industries and markets.  Change. 

We are often asked by clients or prospective clients about what’s the single most important ingredient to managing a large-scale change initiative successfully.  With the caveats that no two change initiatives are exactly alike, and that rarely do we see major change projects which can be solved with a “one step” solution our answer is simple:  communication. 

When HORN is called upon to help an organization redefine its sales process, or refocus its strategy we invest to truly understand the organization, its history, its people, and its culture.  We carefully analyze and assemble all the required ingredients to a successful outcome.  We articulate and socialize the plan and we assist in the execution and enablement of everyone affected. 

With all that hard work in place success or failure is largely dependent on one simple and crucial step:  communication.  Our mantra is simple: “Communicate, communicate, communicate. And when you think you have communicated too much, do it ten more times”.

Consider the scenario here involving a well-known global brand seeking to focus business-building efforts, streamline internal and outdated business processes, and build team capability so that the organization could deliver a better customer experience and could drive improved customer satisfaction business results. 

This initiative brought together six disparate smaller change projects into one broad strategic platform involving five functional teams and included training support for over 100 staff, and was considered a massive success. The key to success was planning and executing a robust internal and external communication platform to support the rationale for and the plan for managing the change.


A global fortune 500 consumer packaged goods company was suffering declines in revenue and profitability in Canada. Trade rates had increased to almost double the industry average, the sales force was spending triple the time on internal processes than interacting with customers, and shopper loyalty was at an all-time low. The organization had rallied the company behind the importance of changing business practices and kicked off several change initiatives in several areas of the company, each managed separate from one and other. These disparate change projects struggled to gain the traction desired at the most senior levels of the organization. 

HORN was engaged to help manage the overall change project and to inspire the workforce to embrace the changes required. 


Step 1: Develop Communications Strategy

HORN worked with the client to create a centralized Roadmap for Change including the creation of memorable internal branding, a vision for change, integrated positioning of all initiatives and positive buy-in of all key stakeholders. 

Step 2: Articulate the Tactical Communications Plan

A communications plan was created proactively ensure multiple, two-way communication touch points in the organization for each milestone. 

Step 3: Engage Leadership & Obtain Leader Support

Assembled a turn-key toolkit for leaders to use to engage in consistent communications, feedback and support with their teams

Step 4: Internal Launch of Change Initiative

Led a series of working sessions to communicate initiatives to all employee stakeholders to build engagement and alignment. 


  • Achieved 88% engagement across leadership team
  • 82% of employees had an excellent understanding of the new initiative
  • Branding was embraced across all facets of the organization including town hall meetings
  • Branding extended to cover external client communication

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