4 Ways to Keep the Training Alive

Category: Custom Training

The statistics are powerful: 80% of new skills are lost within one week if not used and 87% of new skills are lost within one month. Sustaining the positive impacts of corporate training is the key to maximizing your return on training investments. 

The concept of ‘sustainment’ speaks to the importance of factoring in opportunities to remind, refresh and reinforce new skills when planning any training initiative. 

Training sustainment is like changing the oil in your car: it keeps your things running smoothly now and extends its life into the future. To help sustain the life of your sales training investment consider using some or all of these approaches to keeping training top of mind for your team:

Coaching Support

Offering learner’s with one-on-one or small group coaching support is proven to improve the results of training dramatically. If using external coaches is too cost prohibitive, consider ensuring internal coaches and leaders, such as Sales Managers, are aligning their coaching practices and dialogues to the new skills developed through training. 

Participant Webinars

Using webinar technology offers a cost- and time-effective means to reconnect with groups of learners to reinforce key skills, address post-training questions, challenges and can be used to introduce more advanced applications of the initial skill build.

Online Surveys

Surveys can be used pre and post-training to assess, practice and remind participants of key skills. 


Custom eLearning modules can be deployed to reinforce the new skills developed through classroom training. eLearning is convenient, portable, scalable, respectful, and cost-effective.

Weaving sustainment tactics such as these into your sales training plan will keep new skills and behaviours top of mind back in the field. HORN Training & Consulting designs custom corporate training solutions and we are a leader in the field of sustainment. Speak to a HORN sales consultant to find out how to improve the ROI on your training.