2015 Planning: Tips for Optimizing your Training ROI

Category: Sales Training

As the 2014 calendar winds down many of us enter into that fifth season of the year some of us call planning season. If training is on your radar for 2015 consider these simple tips for optimizing your training dollars so you can demonstrate a strong return on your training investment.

Be Clear on Your Objectives

While it sounds simple, it’s not. Often competing priorities or conflicting schedules lead to scope creep or worse, a changing definition of success. Being as clear, concise and measurable as possible will help every project remain on target. What is the business challenge that must be addressed? What actions or activities must your team do better or differently in 2015? Training consultants can help to assess exactly where skill gaps exist and then to create an effective training plan to close the gaps. 

Review Options and Alternatives

Before leaping into action, seek out and solicit ideas and input from internal and external partners. Chances are pretty good that someone in your network has dealt with a similar challenge in the past. Reach out to training specialists or consultants who transform business requirements into behavioural training on a daily basis: that’s why we’re here. 

Custom vs Cookie Cutter? 

Not all situations require a five-star solution. Highly customized learning solutions are built to reflect the realities of your business and will lead to more rapid and lasting results. “Off the shelf” or standardized training may cost less and can fit very well for certain applications or for product based training. For high priority business challenges, custom may drive a superior – and safer – result, in other cases pre-packaged training will work.

Make It Stick!

This really amounts to taking a strategic view – or the long view – of improving results. Is a temporary boost enough? Or are you seeking to build and develop the skills of your team? Training programs that include refreshers, reminders or other opportunities to sustain new skills generate superior results. 

Measurable Impact & ROI

This speaks to #1 on this list. If your goals and objectives are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Results Driven and Timebound), you will be able to quickly assess the business impact or ROI.  

Speak to a HORN Client Solutions Consultant about how to optimize your 2015 training plans.