2015 Planning: 4 Major Trends in Sales Training

Category: Sales Training

Looking ahead to 2015 some important trends are formulating in the sales training space. Some trends to consider when looking to invest in sales training programs next year include the following:

Social Selling is a Game Changer

In 2015 your sales plan needs to embrace social selling. 50% of sales reps who utilize social selling meet or exceed their sales quota. That outperformance will only accelerate as users get even more savvy with their tools, their messages and their approaches. If your sales team doesn’t have the expertise to open doors using social media, they will need to upgrade their skills and tactics to adapt. 

Strength-Based Sales Leadership Development

This revolutionary approach builds around cross-competency leadership training maps to help build learner motivation. It is similar to the popular and effective science of positive psychology.  Instead of looking for gaps or weaknesses in an organization when designing a training program, strength-based leadership training reinforces the key traits that cause leaders to flourish and creates a strong awareness of the difference between good and great. This approach makes training program learning retention stronger. 

Emphasis on Training That Sticks

Extending the lifecycle of a sales training investment is vital for you, your team and your training ROI. Developing a positive learning culture that fosters the growth of company profit, engages with senior leadership and is inline with the overall business strategy is an important key. Learning does not end after the classroom sessions are over - extending the impact of training through eLearning and interactive tools such as webinars, manager toolkits, surveys and on-the-job scenario-based exercises work together to keep what was learning in the classroom relevant and top-of-mind with your team back in the field. 

Proving the Impact and ROI of Learning

It is becoming commonplace to measure how a training investment translates into profit. Defining the ROI of a training spend involves some effort — namely, framing the right objectives before training is even procured and committing to gathering and analyzing the relevant data.  The concept of “training measurement” amounts to injecting an objective yardstick into training procurement decisions.     

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