Structure Consulting

HORN’s Structure Consulting Solutions help to ensure the right roles and the right work processes are in place to enable the organization to get the right work done.

HORN partners with organizations to:

  • define the right roles  to deliver on strategic priorities and marketplace realities
  • ensure role clarity so teams can efficiently collaborate without redundancy or uncertainty
  • define and optimize business processes to deliver outcomes as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Define and clarify KPIs to enable ongoing management of the desired change.

Some of the challenges, linked to business performance,  that often require structure-focussed solutions include:

Organizational BarriersSolution
  • Team structure not aligned
    with business goals
    and/or market shifts
  • Team structure redesign
  • Unclear or redundant roles
  • Role clarity
  • Inefficient or poorly-defined
    business processes
  • Process mapping

HORN leverages an uncommon depth of insight, experience and resources to create the environment where people can perform to expectations and drive improved results.