People Consulting

HORN’s People Consulting Solutions help organizations to define performance expectations for their people.

HORN partners with organizations to:

  • define the job requirements and the “best-in-class” behaviours required to deliver requirements
  • assess individual performance versus expectations
  • create management practices to regularly inspire, manage and develop individuals and teams to deliver and exceed expectations
  • establish team practices and protocols to enable teams to effectively work together and meet mutual expectations.

Some of the challenges, linked to business performance, that often require People-focussed solutions include:

  • People performing below
  • Unclear job expectations
  • Competence profiling
  • Job description development
  • Performance assessment
  • Insufficient accountability to
    deliver results
  • Management rhythms
  • Team not functioning well
  • Team effectiveness

HORN leverages an uncommon depth of insight, experience and resources to create the environment where people can perform to expectations and drive improved results.