Uncommon Depth. Exceptional Results.

Depth of Experience:

We leverage over 30 years’ experience developing leading edge sales and leadership solutions.

Our models are time-tested. Our solutions are custom-tailored to your precise and unique needs.  

Depth of Capabilities:

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, built in-house to meet your needs, including:

Training Solutions

Consulting Solutions

  • Custom Learning Design
  • Change Management
  • Learning Strategy Creation
  • Cultures and Values Definition
  • Classroom Delivery
  • Strategy Development
  • Train-the-Trainer Solutions
  • Sales Process Design
  • eLearning and mLearning Design & Development
  • People and Team Management Practices
  • Measurement and Assessment Design
  • Executive Coaching
  • Onboarding Strategy Development

Depth of Customization:

We go deeper than traditional Training and Consulting organizations. Deeper to explore root causes. Deeper in the classroom to entrench behaviours. Deeper in our solutions in order to cause genuine change. But we don’t go deeper into your pocketbook. We gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ organization. The most frequent feedback we receive from clients is: “you understand us.”

Depth of Results:

We bring a results-orientation and attention to detail to every project. Our projects are managed on-budget and on-time.  We care as much about your results as you do. 


HORN"s Founder & President, Art Horn explains the four main areas where we offer value to our clients: depth of experience, depth of knowledge, depth of customization and depth of impact.

Because we go deeper to understand our client’s needs to deliver in-depth services like sales training, coaching and consulting, we have seen an over 80% repeat client rate over the years.